Coffee time at Shasa


One of the best thing to do on a sunny summer day after a good meal is to walk downtown and relax in a coffee shop.

Today I went to Shasa, which is my favorite coffee shop in Jyväskylä, Finland. This small café offers all raw and natural products and the best coffee in town. They make wonderful artisan raw chocolate and ice cream products.

I had the pleasure to enjoy their wild blueberry ice cream with my dark roast coffee today. The ice cream was made of cashew mild and thus it had a delicate nutty flavor. Hints of lemon perfected the flavor! The texture of the ice cream resembled that of home made parfait and it was slightly more grainy, if may say, than tradional ice cream made of milk and cream – only to emphasize the experience of tasting the true flavors of nature, all home made!

Any tasty comments?