The Healthier Pancakes

These grain free pancakes were delicious with blueberry-lingonberry smoothie. They would have been even better, had I saved some blueberries to go with the pancakes.My girlfriend loves pancakes probably more than anyone else that I know. So, the other day I decided to experiment making of grain free pancakes that would be healthier and more nourishing than the conventional ones. The goal was to make them just as irresistable as the best home made pancakes out there.

The batter included eggs, chia seed flour, almond meal, coconut flour, cooked and ground quinoa, roasted and ground flaxseeds, honey, coconut oil and salt. Thinking back, I should have included some vanilla extract and gardamom. Nevertheless, the pancakes tasted amasing and I got the approval to make them again. Next time around I’ll measure the ingredients and post the recipe. However, I encourage you all to try developing your own recipes, it’s really not that difficult.

Any tasty comments?