Flan with Strawberries and Mint

Flan with strawberriesThere are times when one needs to have a treat and the treat doesn’t need to be all that healthy. One of my favorite treats for those moments is flan with strawberries and mint. Gladly my girlfriend is from Puerto Rico and she knows the most delicious recipe.

Puerto Rican Cheese Flan with Strawberries and Mint

6 eggs
1 Cream cheese bar (8 oz)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 can of evaporated milk
1 can of condensed milk
1 cup of sugar (for the caramel)

1) Prepare the caramel by heating up the sugar in a kettle at low temperature (do not stir). Caramel is ready when the sugar is completely melted and golden brown. Keep warm & liquid.

2) Mix rest of the ingredients in a separate bowl.

3) Pour the caramel into the bottom and the sides of a cooking tray and let it cool down.

4) Pour the mix on top of the caramel.

5) Place the baking tray into the oven in a bain-marie (water bath).

6) Cook at 350°F (180°C) for one hour.

7) Check that the flan is completely cooked by inserting a toothpick into the flan. If it comes out clean, the flan is cooked.

8) Let cool down ( 2 hours in a fridge).

9) Serve with fresh strawberries and mint.

10) Close your eyes and enjoy!

Any tasty comments?