Making Mineral Water on Soda Stream

Many wonder how to make proper mineral water on Soda Stream. The easy option is to use unrefined salt, such as Himalayan sea salt. However, even though unrefined salts contain a complex range of essential minerals, they are still high in sodium chloride (NaCl). Thus, there has been a growing need to find a way to add minerals into your carbonated water, without overdosing your self with sodium chloride.

Natural minerals from coconut water 

Last week I got my hands on Big Tree Farms Coco Hydro Sport, which is a dehydrated coconut water powder with added sea salt, trace minerals and vitamin C. All natural ingredients according to the company web page. 

At first I didn’t consider using it to make mineral water. I just wanted to have a good natural sports drink to keep me refreshed during exercise. When I was trying it out for the first time it occurred to me that this product actually has a pretty good balance of minerals. So, I decided to find out how it would taste, if I used it to make mineral water on Soda Stream. To my surprise the taste was very nice. Perhaps not quite like San Pellegrino and other household mineral waters but a good option nevertheless. Just be careful not to add too much, or you will end up with water that tastes like sports drink and coconut water; about two teaspoons is enough per bottle.  

Coco Hydro Sport comes packed with all the natural minerals and nutrients of coconut water. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a detailed analysis of the mineral content from the company’s web page. All they mention is that the sea salt (NaCl) content is 25% and the additional ionic trace minerals count for 10%. 

Try it for your self and let me know what you think.

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