Gluten Free Artisan Pizza and Flatbread

Gluten free flatbread

Mmm….Pizza!   There’s probably no other dish that has conquered the world on its own, without any commercial help. Even though Italians might be to credit for the modern pizza as we know it, similar food exists around the entire Mediterranean, and has existed long before the invention of the … Continue

Gluten Free Flatbread and Karelian Pastries

Karelian pastries

My mom says that I learned to bake before I learned to walk, which does not surprise me. There’s never been shortage of fresh bread, coffee cake, cookies and other delicious bakeries at our house. Still today, my mom bakes on average once a week. And to me, the smell of fresh … Continue

Raw Bilberry & Mint Ice Cream

Raw Bilberry Mint Icecream

What would a summer be without ice cream? No matter how healthy lifestyle you live, in my opinion, there’s always room for some ice cream, at least when it is made from all natural and healthy ingredients. I’m a huge ice cream fan myself and I couldn’t imagine a life … Continue

Homemade Bilberry Yogurt

I still remember how my grandmother used to make homemade yogurt back in the days when I was a kid. She would get the milk from the family farm. The milk that was unbelievably fresh. It was recently milked from cows that only ate natural gras and … Continue