Lunch, what a great excuse…

…to indulge yourself with delicious food. Today we have Garden fresh salad (romaine hearts, red gabbage, cellery, kale, red pepper, cucumber, italian parsley, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, and olive oil-apple cider vinegar dressing), fruit cocktail, and carrot-wheatgrass juice. Enjoy & Energize !

Ceviche with grilled eggplant

Making great ceviche starts with high quality ingredients.   Ceviche, one of my favorite dishes, is so easy to prepare and so delicious that it’s almost ridiculous. You can serve ceviche as a starter or a main course, have it for lunch, dinner or supper, or you can make the most … Continue

Sockeye Salmon with Kale & Asparagus

I’ve been craving for salmon for a few days now and today I finally got myself a nice piece of wild caught Sockeye Salmon. I pan seared the Salmon and served it with crispy Kale and Asparagus. Drizzled with lemon juice and garnished with radish, this was a perfect lunch … Continue

A Perfect Omelette

Instead of doing just another omelette, this morning I decided to attempt perfecting my omelette. I carefully chose my favorite ingredients that I had purchased yesterday from the farmers market. These included dinosaur kale, spinach and asparagus, and of course farm fresh, pasture raised eggs. Some people like to use milk … Continue

Recipe of the day: Roasted pears in prosciutto crudo

Here’s a simple appetizer that you can prepare when you want to surprise your significant other or when your best friends are coming over. 2 portions 4 slices of prosciutto crudo (parma ham, hamon serrano, etc) 1/2 pear (not completely ripe but no… Continue

Roasted Lamb

After a long day at work and several hours of dance practice, I’m dying to get home and get my hands on the piece of lamb I took out from the freezer this morning. It’s a crisp winter day in Atlanta and I could not imagine a better dinner than the… Continue

Simple Weekend Food

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It’s Thursday morning and the weekend is just a day away. If you haven’t though about what to cook over the weekend, now is a perfect time to do just that. How about preparing some finger food and inviting friends over or just sitting comfortably … Continue

Holiday Recap

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It’s Monday, a wintery morning and the newspaper in front of me tells me that it is January 7, 2013. I’m still in Finland and waiting to return to Atlanta in a few days. My mind is rushing through all that has happened during the past weeks – tour… Continue

Casual Family Dinner

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I came to visit my parents while in Finland and since it is the hunting season, my mom wanted to prepare some wild duck (Mallard) for dinner. As usual, I ended up preparing the dinner together with my mom and dad. Me coming up with some new ideas,… Continue

Lunch Time

Looking to go all the way healthy and get super energized for the remainder of the day? Go ahead and prepare a garden fresh salad. toss it in balsamic vinegar and olive oil and serve it with tomatoes, basil and cottage cheese. Perfect the meal wit… Continue