World’s Most Remote Fine Dining Restaurant

Restaurant Tundra

Imagine arriving to Helsinki, the capital of Finland. You have arrived to the end of the world, far from anything and everything. Then you’ll take another hour-long flight north to Kuusamo. This small city at the eastern border of Finland is at the gate to Lapland, the northernmost part of Europe. … Continue

World’s Best Potatoes – (video)

it’s the best potatoes I’ve ever tasted. They are just like candy, they are so sweet.

– Andrew Zimmern, from the TV show Bizarre Foods, about the potatoes from Kuusamo.

Our family has been growing potatoes in the northernmost potato fields in the world over four generations. Naturally, the potatoes are grown without any chemicals. The rich soil and the 24 hours summer sunlight, give the potatoes unique sweet flavor.

This clip was Filmed in September 2013, in Kuusamo, Finland – only 20 miles south from the Arctic Circle!

You just wouldn’t understand

Every so often I’m asked for my favorite Finnish dish and every time I come up with something along the lines, “well, it’s really hard to say because there are so many good dishes back home. You know, in the countryside we eat a lot of fish and wild game.” … Continue

Bilberry, The Arctic Super Berry

Lucky me, once again back in Finland and the first thing my friend offered to me on breakfast was a cup of bilberries – I was in heaven. OK, the weather in Finland might not be all that nice at this time of the year; the sky is gray and … Continue

Holiday Recap

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It’s Monday, a wintery morning and the newspaper in front of me tells me that it is January 7, 2013. I’m still in Finland and waiting to return to Atlanta in a few days. My mind is rushing through all that has happened during the past weeks – tour… Continue

Casual Family Dinner

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I came to visit my parents while in Finland and since it is the hunting season, my mom wanted to prepare some wild duck (Mallard) for dinner. As usual, I ended up preparing the dinner together with my mom and dad. Me coming up with some new ideas,… Continue

Best of Finnish Summer

What would Finnish summer be without a strawberry cake and sparkling wine… And what a lovely summer day it was to prepare this delicious dark chocolate coated strawberry cake together with my baby sister. A glass of spruce sprout sparkling wine … Continue

Coffee time at Shasa

One of the best thing to do on a sunny summer day after a good meal is to walk downtown and relax in a good coffee shop. Today I went to Shasa, which is my favorite coffee shop in Jyväskylä, Finland. This small café offers all raw and natural prod… Continue