World’s Most Remote Fine Dining Restaurant

Restaurant Tundra

Imagine arriving to Helsinki, the capital of Finland. You have arrived to the end of the world, far from anything and everything. Then you’ll take another hour-long flight north to Kuusamo. This small city at the eastern border of Finland is at the gate to Lapland, the northernmost part of Europe. … Continue

Flan with Strawberries and Mint

Flan with strawberries

There are times when one needs to have a treat and the treat doesn’t need to be all that healthy. One of my favorite treats for those moments is flan with strawberries and mint. Gladly my girlfriend is from Puerto Rico and she knows the most delicious recipe. Puerto Rican … Continue

Cannot Haste Time – Mille Roses L’enfant 2005

Time, that evil thing that is always hasting when it should be still, and when it should be hasting, it is still.   Sometimes waiting can be the most excruciating thing to do. Especially, when you have a bottle of wine waiting to age. Time, that evil thing that is … Continue

Brasil a gosto – Brazil to taste

Brasil a gosto

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Her [Ana Luiza] cuisine is not only about Brazilian gastronomy but a reflection of local and indigenous cultures   Brasil a gosto – one of the must visit restaurants on my list during my journey in Brazil. Not exactly a place to stumble upon, Brasil a gosto is located on a small … Continue

Ceviche with grilled eggplant

Making great ceviche starts with high quality ingredients.   Ceviche, one of my favorite dishes, is so easy to prepare and so delicious that it’s almost ridiculous. You can serve ceviche as a starter or a main course, have it for lunch, dinner or supper, or you can make the most … Continue

A Perfect Omelette

Instead of doing just another omelette, this morning I decided to attempt perfecting my omelette. I carefully chose my favorite ingredients that I had purchased yesterday from the farmers market. These included dinosaur kale, spinach and asparagus, and of course farm fresh, pasture raised eggs. Some people like to use milk … Continue

Recipe of the day: Roasted pears in prosciutto crudo

Here’s a simple appetizer that you can prepare when you want to surprise your significant other or when your best friends are coming over. 2 portions 4 slices of prosciutto crudo (parma ham, hamon serrano, etc) 1/2 pear (not completely ripe but no… Continue

Casual Family Dinner

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I came to visit my parents while in Finland and since it is the hunting season, my mom wanted to prepare some wild duck (Mallard) for dinner. As usual, I ended up preparing the dinner together with my mom and dad. Me coming up with some new ideas,… Continue

A Perfect Meal at The Capital Grille

I just had one of the best meals in my life. Yes, you read it right – in my life. So it happened that I was on a business trip in Boston with my colleague and, as usual, we headed for lunch when the clock hit 1 pm. And like always, we looked for a… Continue