Smoothie of the Month: White Chocolate Mint Goodness

I have been craving for a tasty chocolate drink for a few days now and this morning I finally succeeded in making one. This white chocolate drink comes packed with nature’s goodness and nutrients, like I think all smoothies’ should. For 1 portion you’ll need: 1/2 cups almond milk (organic, unsweetened) … Continue

Bilberry, The Arctic Super Berry

Lucky me, once again back in Finland and the first thing my friend offered to me on breakfast was a cup of bilberries – I was in heaven. OK, the weather in Finland might not be all that nice at this time of the year; the sky is gray and … Continue

Lunch, what a great excuse…

…to indulge yourself with delicious food. Today we have Garden fresh salad (romaine hearts, red gabbage, cellery, kale, red pepper, cucumber, italian parsley, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, and olive oil-apple cider vinegar dressing), fruit cocktail, and carrot-wheatgrass juice. Enjoy & Energize !

Ceviche with grilled eggplant

Making great ceviche starts with high quality ingredients.   Ceviche, one of my favorite dishes, is so easy to prepare and so delicious that it’s almost ridiculous. You can serve ceviche as a starter or a main course, have it for lunch, dinner or supper, or you can make the most … Continue

My First Paleo Bread

For most of my adult life I have been following Paleo diet very close, without actually knowing it. Paleo diet has simply been something very natural for me, even though it has been less than a year, since I first heard about the whole thing. One … Continue

Homemade Bilberry Yogurt

I still remember how my grandmother used to make homemade yogurt back in the days when I was a kid. She would get the milk from the family farm. The milk that was unbelievably fresh. It was recently milked from cows that only ate natural gras and … Continue

Fall & The Figs

It’s end of September and the very best harvest season is at hand. To enjoy that I created a fig smoothie of the season. 4-6 Figs 1 Sellery stalk 1/2 Apple piece of ginger Water & ice To make your smoothie a complete meal, add 2 tbsp of your favor… Continue

Lunch Time

Looking to go all the way healthy and get super energized for the remainder of the day? Go ahead and prepare a garden fresh salad. toss it in balsamic vinegar and olive oil and serve it with tomatoes, basil and cottage cheese. Perfect the meal wit… Continue

Homemade Chocolate

Chocolate is definitely one of the most facinating ingredients to work with. It’s so demanding but at the same time it can be most rewarding. Today I made two kinds of chocolates, and to keep things healthy, I used raw cacao and no refined sugar. … Continue